Coach and Manager Information

Coaches & Manager Tournament Information


Schedules will be posted soon!  Once the schedules are published please review and distribute to your team as appropriate.  There is likely to be changes after schedules are published so please check back often for updates.  If a schedule change occurs, the team contacts will be notified by email.

Most of the necessary forms mentioned below can be found at

While here, please be sure to get familiar with our event rules and print a copy of our facility map.

What do I need to bring to Registration?

  • A certified team roster
  • Completed Team Medical Verification Release Form (print this from our website).  Individual player medical release forms, from your own club or available on our website if needed, must be in possession of coach or manager during all games at the Chili Invitational Soccer Tournament but DO NOT have to be turned in at registration.   The coach should have all pertinent medical information available to them immediately in the case of an emergency.
  • Player and Coaches picture identification cards (Player Passes)
  • Guest players should be written in on certified roster.  Be sure to bring their player pass as well.  Please note that you may have a maximum of three guest players per team.

5.    Those teams outside of US Youth Soccer Region 1 and Foreign teams must bring Permission to Travel forms from their governing association.            

We do not require individual game cards or rosters for this event.  You do not need to check in with the referee prior to each match.  Please be sure to keep player passes with you at all times as you could be subject to an audit at any time during the event.

When is Registration?

We now have the option to register by email prior to the event (deadline 5/28/19).  Please see the email registration instruction link.

If you do not register online, registraton will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2019 from 5:30-7:30pm at Davis Park Tournament headquarters, 541 Chestnut Ridge Road.  We will also have registration open on Saturday morning June 1, 2019 from 7am-10am at Davis Park Tournament Headquarters for those teams that wish to register at this time.  All teams must register at least 1 hour before the start of their first game or risk forfeiture.


In the spirit of good sportsmanship and to provide the best tournament experience for all teams, we have instituted a maximum goal differential of four to be used only when necessary to break ties in the standings.  A game of 8-0 and a game of 4-0 will both be recorded the same way (4-0) so please keep this in mind during games.

Scorekeeping U11-U19 only

It is the responsibility of the Winning Coach to report the score back to the Registration tent within an hour after the conclusion of the game.  In the event of a tie, it is the responsibility of the Home Team to report the score.  This can be done several ways:

  • ·        Text Amy Zah (Scorekeeper) 585-472-5783:  Please include home team, away team and score for each team.  


  • Go to
    • Enter Game Number
    • Enter Tournament Pin 5944
    • Enter the game score
  • ·        Bring to the Registration Tent – present the scores to the registration tent at Davis Park

Award Presentations

For our U9-U10 divisions, every player on every team gets a participation award.  After your last game on Sunday, please proceed to our registration tent area where a Tournament Official will greet you and present your awards.

For U11-U19 divisions, we have Champion and Finalist awards.  After the Championship game, both teams should proceed to our registration tent area where a Tournament Official will greet you and present your awards.

In the event of a Round Robin (5 teams in a division) the champion and finalist are determined by points at the conclusion of 4 games.

Tournament Results/Standings

Game scores will be updated throughout the day on our website.  It is very important that you visit our website Saturday evening for informational updates, should there be any.  Also, if you are in a 6 team division you will need to check our website for Semi Final game times for Sunday morning.  Game times will be emailed out however, we will not be calling with these updates.  It is your responsibility to update your team.

Inclement Weather

Should we need to temporarily halt our event due to inclement weather, we will inform our Field Marshalls who will then attempt to get the attention of the Field Referees.  The event will restart after consultation between the Ref Assignor and the Tournament Directors.  Updates will be posted on our website under Tournament Updates as quickly as we can. 

Medical Attention

Please be aware that we do have an EMT tent on site at our tournament.  Note the location of the First Aid tent on the map or let a Field Marshall know if assistance is needed.